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Individually-tailored guitar lessons in Colchester

Covering both classical and acoustic/electric guitar styles I have a great deal of experience in helping guitarists of all levels to develop and reach their aims on the guitar.

I offer creative guitar courses built around the pupil's individual needs, ensuring that they learn the guitar by playing the style of music that inspired them to pick up the instrument in the first place.

However, learning guitar is a commitment and to get the most out of it you must be prepared to put several hours per week into developing yourself as a guitarist. This includes a 1-hour lesson per week and at least 1-hour practising - of course, practising can be 15 mins per day on the days that you don't have a lesson and quickly you can find yourself playing the guitar for 2 hours per week outside the lessons.

This commitment is crucial to ensure that you progress at a rate that you will be pleased with - for more information about my guitar courses simply get in touch by calling 03455 086739 or simply drop me an email at info@guitarlessonscolchester.com.

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